Making Space 365 | Learning Teaching Training Activity in Kalamata, Greece

In May 2022, Teach Solais were thrilled to attend the Making Space 365 learning teaching training activity in the beautiful city of Kalamata in Greece. Partner organisations from Portugal, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and the United Kingdom sent two front-line youth educators and youth leaders to implement and test the Making Space 365 Creative Skills & Entrepreneurship Youth Training Curriculum.

This was a fantastic opportunity for youth and community education staff and participants to become familiar with the Making Space 365 project, participate in a hands-on transnational training experience, and share different approaches with their youth leader peers from overseas.

Participants improved their professional ability in promoting creative and entrepreneurial competencies for young people, blended learning environments and training. It was also an opportunity to gain awareness of the difficulties and obstacles that young people face on their way to employment and civic engagement.

A huge well done to everyone involved!

Thank you, KANE Κοινωνική Ανάπτυξη Νέων / Social Youth Development, for being such spectacular hosts!