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ACE Youth | Second Transnational Partner Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

Earlier this month, Teach Solais were delighted to attend the second transnational partner meeting for ACE Youth EU: Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship in the stunning city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Partners from Turkey, Italy, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, and Ireland gathered to discuss the project's quality management and review progress and milestones achieved.

Together, we reviewed and signed off on the IO1 Creative Sector Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Youth framework. We also agreed on the framework for the IO2 Induction to Pedagogy Toolkit for Creative Sector and Young Peer Mentors and in-service training development work. The consortium is confident that the topics chosen are on track to deliver a valuable tool containing both tried and tested classic methods and more advanced and modern tools.

It was a very productive two days with partners agreeing on the requisite functionality for the IO3 ACE Youth MOOC portal and signing off on the ACE Youth case study prototypes that will be used across IO1 and IO2.

Thank you, Ziniu Kodas, for being such a wonderful host and showing us some of what Vilnius offers. It was fantastic to get together in person and advance this worthwhile project while also seeing a beautiful place.

For more information on the ACE Youth project, please follow us on Facebook or visit the project's website at

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