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Dance 4 Inclusion

The Dance 4 Inclusion project promotes integration through dance, focusing on Lindy Hop. The Dance 4 Inclusion E-Learning Compendium provides best practice advice on curating and maximising dance workshops and events to promote inclusion. It explores Lindy Hop dance and jazz culture's impact on integration. This project also involved a practical Lindy Hope workshop in Rome.

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Making Space 365

Maximising the Potential of Young People through Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship in the Community.

  • Framework for Social, Civic, & Community Engagement

  • Creativity & Entrepreneurship Youth Training Curriculum

  • Civic Action & Creative Youth Event Guidebook

  • Making Space 365 Creative Calendar

  • Youth Leader Training Workshops

  • Making Space 365 Festival and Showcase Event

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Youth Workers 2.0

Enhancing the digital skills of youth workers and empowering them to create positive change within their communities. 

The "Youth Workers 2.0" training course was conducted in Silivri, Istanbul, from 19th to 26th November 2022, with the participation of 32 youth workers from 8 countries. The course focused on equipping youth workers with essential digital skills to thrive in the modern world.

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Psychological First-Aid

A training course which supported participants to recognise the signs of emotional distress and equip them with the necessary skills to assess situations, listen to a person's concerns, and help them to access services, tackle practical problems and connect with loved ones or social support.

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Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship for Youth. Addressing limited in-school careers services, narrow curriculums, industry misrepresentation in low socio-economic communities and cuts to arts education. 

  • Creative Sector Entrepreneurship Curriculum

  • Introduction to Pedagogy Toolkit for Creative Sector and Young Peer Mentors

  • ACE Youth MOOC

  • Creative Entrepreneur and Business Mentor Workshop

  • Creative Entrepreneurship Festival and Showcase

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Ballyjamesduff Country Market

Originally developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this community-led initiative runs bi-weekly during spring and summer and weekly in December, providing an opportunity for crafters, artists, small-scale growers and food producers. Each market is curated to reflect the skills and talents of the community, with regular interactive art activities for attendees.

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Breaking Cultural Barriers through Sports. 

Youth sports for dismantling cultural barriers and promoting active citizenship.

  • Best Practices Research

  • From Theory to Practice Curriculum

  • In-service Training Programme

  • Policy Paper & Action Plan

  • Culture Break Showcase Event

  • Training Event in Cyprus

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Connecting through Creativity

A creative workshop open to community members informed the design of a mural. The project aimed to promote a sense of community and pride of place by offering a unique opportunity for residents to collaborate, integrate and reconnect by creating a concept authentic to the community following several months of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Art for Social Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

Exploring the use of storytelling, photography, music, drama and social media to engage with cultural diversity and heritage.

  • A compilation of bite-sized video lessons

  • Youth Worker Toolkit

  • 5 Transnational Training Activities

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