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Youth Workers 2.0

A large proportion of youth workers need to learn how to use digital technology to carry out their youth work, from providing educational and cultural opportunities through courses and workshops, creating promotional materials to reach a specific target group to increase their visibility through the use of the appropriate digital devices and applications.

U Thrive Europe from Belgium, and Bal Petegi from Turkey organised a training course to answer this need. Teach Solais rganisation) had the pleasure to be part of the "Youth Workers 2.0" training activity between 19-26 November 2022 in Silivri, Istanbul.

In this Erasmus+ training course project, we held workshops with 32 participants from 8 countries and developed materials supporting digital technology. As a result of the project, the following skills were formed among the participants: use of digital media and digital design, effective integration of technology in curriculum development, and use of new media tools and multimedia in creating training activities.

The participants developed six activities as a result of the training course through which they integrated technology into youth work. Thus they designed brand new innovative learning activities for young people.

"Youth Workers 2.0 was my first Erasmus+ program, and I have to say it was an extremely enjoyable experience. Being amongst so many young, bright and enthusiastic individuals has been a boost of energy even during the longest and most demanding days of the program, and I loved working with all of them on all projects. The program itself was very productive, challenging and educational, but it was also fun and full of entertaining activities." - Adelin, Irish Participant

This mobility project, under the Erasmus+ program, was organised by U Thrive Europe together with partners: Bal Petegi, Octop'us, Teach Solais Community Development CLG, Latvian Association for Youth Activists, Malmö Ideella, Tir Consulting Group and Youth Bridges e.V.



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