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Dance 4 Inclusion Lindy Hop Workshop in Rome

In January, Teach Solais travelled to Rome for the Erasmus+ Project, Dance 4 Inclusion and an intensive Lindy Hop practical workshop with the incredible Davide and Valeria of Rétro Festival.

The Dance 4 Inclusion project promotes integration through dance, focusing on Lindy Hop. Of all of the swing dances, Lindy Hop is probably the most famous. Lindy Hop is a partner dance of African-American origin that emerged in Harlem, New York, towards the end of the 1920s. It combined the movements of African dances with the structure of European dances. This phenomenon transversed racial barriers in the early 1900s and, as such, bears incredible historical significance.

During the golden era of swing, Lindy Hop was a huge phenomenon and played an important role in American racial integration.

Exploring this genre in Retro’s Roman Savoy Ballroom has been an incredible experience. See the photos below!

While in Italy for the Dance 4 Inclusion Lindy Hop workshop, participants took a break from dancing in The Savoy Ballroom and travelled 56km southeast of Rome to Terracina for a day trip.

This stunning Italian coastal city is home to Rétro Festival, a four-day swing dance celebration and cultural extravaganza in June each year that is organised by Dance 4 Inclusion coordinators. Each year, people travel from all over the world to take part in dance workshops, attend guest speakers, peruse vintage markets and enjoy old movies right along the beach.

Rétro Festival strives to acknowledge the history of swing dance and Lindy Hop and seeks to pay tribute to its pioneers to foster a respectful appreciation. By celebrating its origins and honouring the contributions of African American communities, it promotes cultural understanding and inclusivity within the swing community and beyond.

During the visit, we were treated to a walking tour by guide Elia Locatelli, who informed us of ancient times in Terracina and showed us Roman remains and Medieval buildings. We wish to thank organisers Valeria and Davide for a beautiful experience.

See the photos below!



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