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Youth Workers 2.0 Mobility & Toolkit

"Youth Workers 2.0" training course between 19-26 November 2022 in Silivri, Istanbul

Two activities that aimed to increase youth workers' digital skills were carried out in this Erasmus+ training course. Firstly, the training activities and secondly, the innovative activities developed by the participants.

Activities were carried out to improve youth workers' skills in new media and digital tools, teamwork, creativity, communication, critical thinking and decision-making. Their purpose was to develop the digital media skills of youth workers to help them provide more productive training opportunities, run community-wide awareness campaigns about disadvantaged groups, and carry out digital promotional activities.

The project started with icebreakers and team-building activities. Then participants were informed about Erasmus+, its Key Actions, Youthpass and its eight competencies, and project objectives. They expressed their needs, expectations and contributions regarding the training and learned how to fill the learning diary based on the YouthPass' eight competencies.

The participants also explored topics such as the ecological footprint and 5R, and they had the chance to discuss and create eco-rules throughout the training course. Issues such as discrimination and inequality and the dynamics of advantaged and disadvantaged groups were tackled to equip youth workers to create digital activities for disadvantaged youth.

Finally, the differences between media and new media and their opportunities and negative consequences were analysed. Participants learned technology integration models, website design tools, web 2.0 tools, and visual design rules in this framework. And finally, participants designed six new activities where technology was integrated to solve some learning problems. The outputs of the activities were shared with local youth living in Beyoğlu municipality.

Below you can find toolkits with activities conducted in the training course and those developed by participant youth workers. We hope you integrate all these activities into your youth work.

"Youth Workers 2.0 was my first Erasmus+ program, and I have to say it was an extremely enjoyable experience. Being amongst so many young, bright and enthusiastic individuals has been a boost of energy even during the longest and most demanding days of the program, and I loved working with all of them on all projects. The program itself was very productive, challenging and educational, but it was also fun and full of entertaining activities." - Adelin, Irish Participant

Download the Youth Workers 2.0 Erasmus+ Training Course for Youth Workers Toolkit below:

Youth Workers 2.0 Erasmus+ Training Course for Youth Workers Toolkit
Download PDF • 7.28MB

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