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DAY TWO of ART CONNECTS | Nov 19th, 23

We started the morning with a beautiful co-design art exercise organised by the Lithuanian team. This resulted in individual portraits of participants that included an artistic contribution from each participant. The results were gorgeous and, at times, amusing!

Later in the afternoon, we conducted individual research and selected a piece of graphic design with the theme of conflict that resonated with us and presented it to the group.

Then, it was time for Teach Solais to host a workshop. Facilitator Clare gave a presentation on the role of murals in conflict throughout history and the modern day. We looked at topics such as messaging, solidarity and hope. After a group discussion, participants were asked to design their own “personal peace mural”.

Later in the day, we used our free time to visit MO Museum, the modern art museum. Art was already connecting as participants from each county were mingling with each other and enjoying the immersive cultural experience together.

It was wonderful to see friendships forming so early in what turned out to be a hugely formative experience.

Funded by the European Union and the EU Erasmus+ Programme, developed by Today Art Initiative and hosted by GALATIKA.



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