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DAY ONE of ART CONNECTS | Nov 18th, 23

This was the first day of the ART CONNECTS Erasmus+ mobility held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Twenty-five young people and six facilitators from Armenia, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway and Ukraine arrived and spent the morning participating in icebreakers and getting to know each other.

After lunch, each country gave a presentation on their nation's history of conflict and how it impacts their society today. This was to inform a shared context for discussions as the week progressed.

Then, it was time to get stuck into some painting! Participants were mixed into multinational groups, and canvases were periodically swapped between them, creating beautiful abstract pieces.

After a group dinner, the Armenian group treated us to a culture night! This included an informative presentation on their heritage and culture, a beautiful musical performance, a dance lesson, and some incredible food and drinks!

An excellent introduction to what proved to be a fantastic project!



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