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Have Your Say! EU PEACEPLUS Programme

Cavan County Council are seeking the views of people living in Co.Cavan, in diverse communities of interest and public, private and community sectors.

Sharing your thoughts could help them secure a £4.3 million grant for community activities and infrastructure in Co.Cavan.

This is an excellent opportunity to continue developing solid and impactful projects through the EU PEACEPLUS Programme.

Cavan County Council will develop a co-designed local community PEACEPLUS action plan of priority projects centred around three core themes:

  1. Local community regeneration and transformation.

  2. Thriving and peaceful communities.

  3. Building respect for all cultural identities.

The opportunity to bid for this funding is excellent and can be used to fund project delivery over the coming years and conclude in 2027. So, they want to ensure that the proposed action plan meets current and anticipated community needs.

Your contributions will ensure the effective use of secured funds and will be greatly appreciated.

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