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Dance for Inclusion Project Meeting

Last week, Teach Solais was delighted to welcome our friends from Rétro from Rome to The Old Courthouse in Ballyjamesduff for Theoretical Training as part of the Erasmus+ project, Dance 4 Inclusion.

Across two days, we explored dance as a means of social inclusion, the value of community dance events, methods of target audience engagement and the historical and contemporary significance of Lindy Hop as a vehicle for breaking cultural barriers.

We were even treated to a sneak peek Lindy Hop lesson! Early next year, Teach Solais will travel to Rome for the practical stage of this exciting project. Through practical and theoretical dance education, the Dance 4 Inclusion project aims to create an innovative model of dialogue and encounters between people of different cultures.

If you have any questions about the Dance 4 Inclusion project or the European Union Erasmus+ programme, please feel free to send us a message!

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