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Art Connects!

Team Teach Solais has touched down in beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania, for the ART CONNECTS Erasmus+ project!

For seven days, young people from Armenia, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, and Ukraine will participate in creative workshops on art and peacebuilding and the various ways they intersect.

In addition to working on group projects, they will use digital methods to design individual art pieces that express their personal feelings on oppression, conflict, and social injustices.

Thank you, Dan, Jade, Jamie, and Katie, for joining this adventure and for your active participation thus far! We're delighted that Ballyjamesduff is well-represented with these ambassadors.

This project was developed by Today Art Initiative, hosted by Galatika, and in partnership with Grace Center For Peace and Development - GCPD, Foster Youth Group, and Teach Solais.



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