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ÓMÓS Culture Festival 2022

Celebrating Culture and Community: A Heartfelt Recap of the ÓMÓS Culture Festival in Ballyjamesduff

The ÓMÓS Culture Festival, held this past weekend in Ballyjamesduff, was a spectacular celebration of culture, community, and live music. Attendees left with unforgettable memories and a strengthened sense of togetherness. Building on the triumph of CULTURE WEEKEND 2021, Teach Solais and Ballyjamesduff Community Council joined forces to deliver a vibrant, FREE event showcasing the best of local and international talent.

Saturday's Festivities

The festival kicked off on Saturday with a craft fair at 10:00 am on Market H10:00 amare. This family-friendly event featured live demonstrations by talented wood carver Joey Burns and skilled woodturner Graham, known as The Irish Woodturner.

Attendees were fascinated by the intricate craftsmanship and the opportunity to engage with local artisans.

The musical celebrations began at 4 pm in the Handball Alley with a mesmerizing performance by the 353 Samba Club, enhanced by a special appearance from Samba Dance Brazil. The alley was transformed into a lively dance floor as the audience couldn't resist moving to the beat of the drums.

At 6 pm, The Office DJs6 pmeeBrady and Conroy took over, spinning a dynamic mix of disco, house, and dance classics that kept the crowd energized and dancing. The alley echoed with laughter, cheers, and feet, moving to the eclectic beats in unison.

By 8 pm, it was time to return to Market House Square for a spectacular aerial show when Polina Shapkina and Ru O'Shea captivated the audience. Their breathtaking airborne performance showcased incredible strength, grace, and artistry, leaving everyone in awe.

But the night didn't stop there! It was time for one last dance session of the day with Irish indie band Priorland at 9 pm in the Handball Alley. Their powerful vocals and electrifying performance captivated the audience, bringing a perfect close to the festival's first day. The band's energy was palpable, and their music resonated with fans old and new, leaving everyone eager for the next day's events.

Sunday's Highlights

Sunday continued the musical magic with another round of stellar performances in Handball Alley. At 5 pm, Kevin Morrin and 5 pm took the stage with a heartfelt Luke Kelly Tribute Act. Their rendition of the beloved Dubliners' classics was both nostalgic and uplifting, striking a chord with the audience. Kevin Morrin's soulful voice and the band's impeccable musicianship created an atmosphere of reverence and joy, paying homage to one of Ireland's greatest folk singers.

More Than Just Music

But the ÓMÓS Culture Festival was about more than just music. It was a celebration of community and culture, brought to life by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Cavan County Council, Cavan Arts, Ballyjamesduff Community Council, and Teach Solais. Their support and collaboration were instrumental in making the festival a resounding success.

Community Spirit

Throughout the weekend, the festival attendees enjoyed not only the incredible music but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Ballyjamesduff is known for. The event provided a platform for local artists to shine and brought the community together in a shared celebration of culture and creativity. Attendees mingled, danced, and enjoyed the diverse performances, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and new friendships.

Looking Forward

As the weekend came to a close, the sentiment among attendees was unanimous: the ÓMÓS Culture Festival was a resounding success, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating future events. The organizers are committed to continuing to promote integration through free community events, ensuring that the spirit of ÓMÓS will thrive in Ballyjamesduff.

The ÓMÓS Culture Festival was not just an event; it was a heartfelt tribute to the power of community and the joy of cultural expression. As the last music notes faded, the sense of unity and celebration lingered, a testament to the festival's lasting impact on all who attended.

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